Conductor Sona Hovhannisyan

“Hover” chamber choir was founded in 1992. The choir was established on personal initiative without any sponsorship support. 

Right from its first appearances the choir presented an original type of Armenian choral music, open to any style and genre, closely connected with the art of European choral music. The choir gives principle importance to experiment and innovation and to the synthesis of various arts even while performing most traditional academic pieces.

In 1996 “Hover” premiered Benjamin Britten's “Canticum Misericordium” with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor K. Durgaryan).

In 1996 “Hover” issued its first CD – Ludwig Basil’s sacred choral songs.

In 1997 the release of the CD was followed by participation of the choir in the International choral competition-festival in Arezzo (Italy) and a concert on the island of St. Lasarus, Venice.

In 1996-1997 “Hover” premiered “St. John Passion” and “St. Matthew Passion” oratorios by J.S. Bach in full volume (conductor Z. Vardanyan).

In 1999 “Hover” participated in the choral competition-festival in Tours (France) becoming twice laureate of international competitions.

During these years in its concerts “Hover” performed premiers by Britten, Hindemith, Messiaen, Honegger, Poulenc, Schütz, Purcell, Stravinsky, Brahms and other Western-European composers as well as a number of newly composed choral works by contemporary Armenian composers (A. Ghazaryan, V. Manukyan, A. Voskanyan) and works of the founders of Armenian choral art – Komitas and Yekmalyan.

During these years “Hover” presented its first staging of “Dance songs” by Komitas.

In the winter of 1999 “Hover” held a concert-performance under the name of “Christmas Carols” in combination with shadow play in the experimental theater “Goy” (director A. Manukyan).

The year 2000 brought big success to “Hover”. The choir participated in the First World Choir Olympiad in Linz (Austria) and was awarded a Gold medal out of more than 300 choir-participants. This success was rewarded by a group of American Armenian music fans who helped “Hover” choir to realize their artistic projects. “Armenian Voices” and “Six Fables” CDs were recorded soon after.

In 2003 for the first time in the Armenian reality “Hover” appeared with an innovative genre initiative named “choral theater” by the critics. This was a choral staging of six fables by Vardan Aygektsi (music by S. Babatorosyan, director A. Manukyan). The “Six Fables” CD won the American “Music Awards” and “We're all in this together!” prizes as “The Best Choral Performance”.

During these years “Hover” recorded monodic sharakans for VEM radio station and issued “The Way” CD album.

Within the framework of the international festival “The perspectives of the XXI century” “Hover” performed S. Rostomyan's Symphony together with London Sinfonietta Orchestra (conductor Diego Masson).

In 2003 the choir appeared with concerts in England and Scotland in collaboration with the Edinburgh choir conducted by Noel O'Reagan and hosted them in Armenia the next year, in 2004. Series of concerts in the United Kingdom ended by a concert in London dedicated to the annual anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia.

From these years on “Hover” has been participating in concert programs with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by its Principal Conductor and Artistic Director E. Topchjan performing “Requiems” by Mozart and Cherubini, “Stabat Mater” by Pergolesi, “Canticum Dolorosum” by V. Sharafian, “Missa” by Buxtehude, Cantatas No.157 and No.150 by J.S. Bach, “Stabat Mater” by Poulenc, “Missa de Lumine” by D. Haladjian, “Styx” by Giya Kancheli, “Requiem” by T. Mansourian, “Love Cantata” by R. Amirkhanyan. In various years the choir also took part in stagings and concert performances of operas: “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”, “I Pagliacci”, “Madama Butterfly”, “Eugene Onegin”, “La Cavalleria Rusticana”, “Anouche”, “Artsvaberd”, “Fire Ring”, “Tosca”.

In 2005 “Hover” participated in the performance of A. Terterian's 6th symphony in the open air concert at the Cascade monument (conductor R. Asatryan).

In 2005 as part of combined choirs “Hover” performed Mozart's“ c-moll Messe” conducted by John Nelson and one year later Beethoven's “Missa Solemnis”.

In 2006, 2007 “Hover” recorded a double CD of “Armenian Divine Liturgy” by Komitas written for male voices and an album of Komitas “Folk Songs”. The CDs were released in Germany through sponsorship of the benevolent fund of the Stanford University: “The Flora Family Foundation” within the framework of the project of preservation of national values. A great number of copies of this album was distributed free of charge to the leading spiritual centers, universities, libraries, international organizations, information resource centers and churches through Kultur Aktiv e.V.

Starting from this period the organizational and international issues of the choir were taken up by the manager of “Hover” chamber choir, A. Padaryan. Due to his efforts the choir’s recognition on the international arena has been continuously growing.

In 2006 “Hover” choir went to France to present the Armenian choral art within the framework of the days of the Armenian culture in France “Armenie Mon Amie”. During this tour “Hover” collaborated with the famous “Musicatreize” vocal ensemble (conductor Roland Hayrabedian).

In 2007 the choir presented “La Petite Messe Solenelle” by Rossini with the pianist S. Navasardyan (conductor S. Shahidjanian).

In 2007 “Hover” participated in the festivals of sacred choral music “Gaude Mater” and “Logos”, both in Poland.

In 2007 “Hover” collaborated with a German choir from Hamburg, “Collegium Vocale” organizing 12 concerts of “Hover” around various cities of Germany.

In 2008 “Hover” hosted "Collegium Vocale" choir (conductor K. Trantow) in Armenia. A seminar dedicated to the Armenian sacred and secular music was organized in Dilijan town.

At the end of the same year “Hover” appeared in a concert in Dubai (the UAE), together with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra as part of a combined choir (conductor Brad Cohen).

The collaboration with the festival “Yerevan Perspectives” was fruitful. The festival gave the choir an opportunity to communicate with world-famous contemporary composers realizing Yerevan premiere performances of their works.

Conducted by Andres Mustonen the choir performed the “Styx” by Giya Kancheli featuring Gidon Kremer.

In 2008 the Russian liturgy “The Sealed Angel” by Rodion Shchedrin was performed.

In 2009 “The David's Psalms”, “The Hymn to St. Adalbert” by Krzysztof Penderecki (conductor M. Klauza) and a number of sacred songs were performed.
Conducted by David Geringas “The Gates of Jerusalem” by Bronius Kutavičius was performed.

In 2010 conducted by R. Shervenikas the pieces “The Canticle of the Sun” and “Jetzt immer Schnee” by Sofia Gubaidulina were performed.

The appreciation given to “Hover” by Gubaidulina, Shchedrin, Kancheli, Penderecki, Kutavičius characterise the choir.

In 2008 the artistic director of “Hover” choir, Sona Hovhannisyan, was awarded a Gold medal of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and in 2010 she was granted the title of the Honored Worker of Art.

In 2009 “Hover” was awarded with the status of a State choir. Constant active cooperation with the Ministry of culture of Armenia has encouraged stable promotion of the choir.

By subvention of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia a new theatrical choral performance, “The Parallel”, was implemented and recorded (music by A. Azizyan, director A. Manukyan) on the stage of the experimental theatre “Goy”. The performance won “The Best Musical Project of year 2009” award in Armenia.

In May of 2010 “Hover” choir participated in Valery Gergiev's “Easter Festival” in Moscow with five concerts.

In November 2010 “Hover” choir appeared at the competition-festival for professional choirs “Polyfollia” in France and also gave a special concert with famous virtuoso tabla performer Trilok Gurtu at St. Eustache Cathedral, Paris.

Starting from 2011 “Hover” has continued its activity as a member of the National Center of Chamber Music.

In 2011 “Hover” choir appeared with concerts at the competition-festival for professional choirs “La Fabbrica Del Canto”, as well as at “Teatro Dal Verme”, a prestigious concert hall in Milan.

In 2012 “Hover” choir appeared in a joint concert with the world-famous Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli (as part of a combined choir).

In 2012 the soloists of “Hover”choir were formed into a vocal ensemble which was called the “Armenian Voices”. The same year the ensemble appeared with concerts in Germany and France successfully performing in the “Cité de la Musique” concert hall.

The year 2012 was also remarkable by the concert program “Bach & Beatles”.

In 2012 “Hover” chamber choir celebrated the 20th anniversary of its professional activity and was awarded a Gold medal of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.

Starting from 2013 the VivaCell-MTS company (General Manager R. Yirikian) has become the General Sponsor of “Hover” State chamber choir. This circumstance initiated a new, significant stage for the choir promoting its creativeness, presenting conditions for realization of its versatile ideas and projects in full volume attaching a higher level of quality to the choir activity.

In 2013 “Hover” took part in an innovative staging of “Anouche” opera (director Serge Avetikian, conductor V.Mardirossian). The premieres of this performance were held in Yerevan theatre after Sundukyan and in Paris “Тhéâtre Nanterre-Amandiers.”

In 2013 the “Armenian Voices” ensemble appeared with 4 concerts within the framework of the “Taiwan International Choral Music Festival and Workshops" held in Taiwan. The same year in December the “Armenian Voices” appearedwith a solo concert in “Le Quartz” concert hall in Brest (France).

In 2013 “Hover” participated in the International festival of sacred choral music “Festival van Vlaanderen” in Mechelen (Belgium).

In December of 2013“Hover” choir performed “Noel Oratorio” by C. Saint-Saens together with the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia (conductor Vahan Mardirossian)

“Hover” took part in recording soundtracks to the films: “Ararat” (director Atom Egoyan), “La Masseria delle Allodole” (“The Lark Farm” – directors Taviani brothers), “Namus” (restored version of the Arte studio), “Tevanik” (director – J. Avetisyan) as well as to a number of other films.

In September of 2015 “Hover” recorded an extract from the Armenian Divine Liturgy called “Gohanamq” for a hollywood film “The Promise” (director – Terry George)

During all years of its professional activity “Hover” has given great attention to works of Armenian contemporary composers, among them E. Mirzoyan, E. Hovhannissyan, Y. Yerkanian, V. Adjemian, V. Sharafian, A. Boyamyan, A. Avanesov, A. Voskanyan, V. Manukyan, A. Azizyan, S. Babatorosyan, S. Aghajanyan, A. Ghazaryan and others.

On January 15, 2014 “Hover” choir appeared with a solo concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of maestro Krzysztof Penderecki held at the national center of chamber music.

On January 30, 2014 “Hover” appeared at the Aram Khachaturyan concert hall in a concert dedicated to the memory of Artsakh hero Petros Ghevondyan.

On february 11 and 13, 2014 “Hover” took part in the premier concert performance of “Tosca” opera by Puccini together with the Armenian State Philharmonic orchestra and the soloists. The event was held at the Aram Khachaturyan concert hall.

On February 21, 2014 “Hover” appeared at “Goy” national experimental center of stage art after A. Mazmanyan in the concert program dedicated to the memory of its founder and director A. Mazmanyan.

On February 27, 2014 “Hover” took part in the concert evening commemorating Armenian prominent singer Lusine Zakarian held at the national center of chamber music.

On March 30, 2014 “Hover” appeared with a solo concert in the festival of compositional art named after R. Melikyan held at the national center of chamber music. (conductor – L. Yedigaryan).

On 22 April, 2014 there was a concert held at the cultural business center of Moscow called “Dom Moskvy” in selebration of the Holy Easter with the participation of “Hover” choir.

On May 4, 2014 “Hover” went to Moscow (Russia) to participate in the annual Ester Festival organized by its founder Valeri Gergiev. Concerts were held in Dimitrov church of “Тhe Assumption of the Virgin Mary”, in Moscow in the church of “The Holy Trinity” as well as at the rehabilitation center for children. The closing gala concert of the festival was held at Moscow Tchaikovski concert hall.

On May 13, 2014 “Hover” participated in the gala concert of “Hayak” cinema festival award ceremony held at the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarian.

On May 16, 2014 “Hover” had an appearance at Byurakan city in a concert for honoured guests of the “Yerevan Perspectives” international festival.

On 3 June, 2014 at A. Babajanian concert hall “Hover” took part in a charity concert organized to raise funds for children affected by AIDS.

On 18 June, 2014 the “Armenian Voices” ensemble went to Tbilisi (Georgia) to take part in concert-performance dedicated to the 300 anniversary of Ashough Sayat-Nova held at the Georgian state drama theater after Sh. Rustaveli.

On 21 June, 2014 the First Armenian Public TV organized a video-shooting of a program about “Hover” and its activity.

On 24 June, 2014 “ Hover” had an open-air concert appearance within the framework of the “Fresco” festival of sacred films.

On June 28, 2014 “Hover” had a solo concert at the national center of chamber music within the framework of the project “100 concerts in memory of the Armenian Genocide”. (conductor – N. Shishmanyan).

On 1 September, 2014 “Hover” took part in the premiere performance of an open-air staging of the opera “The Fire Ring” by A.Terterian held in Shushi (Nagorno-Karabakh) in collaboration with the Armenian state chamber choir and the national academic opera and ballet theater orchestra (stage director – M. Sahakyan, conductor – R. Asatryan).

On 26 September and 8 October, 2014 “Hover” had two concert appearences at Aram Khachaturyan concert hall and at the National center of chamber music within the framework of the “Days of Komitas” festival dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the composer.

On 12 Octover, 2014 “Hover” participated in a concert organized on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Gevorkian seminary in Echmiadzin.

On 4 November, 2014 “Hover” had its solo recital at the national center of chamber music.

On 10 November, 2014 “Hover” participated in a jubilee concert dedicated to maestro Tigran Mansourian’s 75th anniversary held at the national academic opera and ballet theater after A. Speniaryan.

On 21 November, 2014 “Hover” took part in a concet in memory of the Armenian military leader Sepouh held at A. Babajanian concert hall.

On 5 December, 2014 “Hover” choir had its solo recital at the national center of chamber music.

On 6 December, 2014 “Hover” took part in the concert dedicated to the international day of choral art organized at Aram Khachaturian concert hall.

On 9 December, 2014 the choir members had an opportunity to meet a famous English film director Tony Palmer.

The final performance of year 2014 was held on 9 December on the stage of the national academic theater of opera and ballet after A. Spendiarian within the framework of “Terterian-Fest” international festival.

All concerts of “Hover” state chamber choir held in Armenia and abroad throughout the year 2015 were dedicated to the commemoration of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

The first tour was started by the “Armenien Voices” ensemble, which continued its activity under the name of “Hover-septet”. In January they went to France to give concerts at “Théâtre Municipal de Rezé” (Nantes) and “Eglise de Saint-Valentin” (Guilers).
The same month “Hover-septet” participated in “MustonenFest” international festival in Estonia giving four solo recitals at the chamber music hall of Johvi, at the concert hall of Pärnu, at the “Saint Nicholas” church of Tallinn as well as at the “Saint John” church of Saint Petersburg (Russia).

This year, on the 23rd anniversary of the choir activity, “Hover” released its seventh CD - “23 choir songs”.The CD comprised choral works by Komitas, Syuni, and 20 contemporary Armenian composers. The disc was released on the fees from concerts of the previous year. The CD presentation was held on 16 February, 2015 at the national center of chamber music.

In February 2015 “Hover” took part in the recording of Gor Soudjian’s composition dedicated to the Armenian Genocide called “Separated”. The recording was done by “Brevis” studio.

In March 2015 “Hover” choir appeared in the concert program of the mediaforum dedicated to the Centennial of the Genocide.

The same month “Hover” took Elżbieta Penderecka’s invitation to participate in the “19th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival” in Warsaw, Poland. Concerts were held at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, at the “Church of Saint Cross” inWrocław, at the Castle of Lublin as well as at the K. Penderecki European Center for Music in Lusławice. The choir also had the honor to be invited at maestro Penderecki’s residence.

On 14 April, 2015 “Hover” had a solo recital dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide at the Komitas museum-institute.

On 24 April, 2015 by subvention of the ministry of culture of Armenia “Hover septet” took part in the Armenian-Lithuanian ecumenical Liturgy held at the Vilnius Cathedral (Lithuania) in commemoration of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The septet also participated in the public meeting dedicated to the Centennial of the Genocide held at the Cathedral square.

On 28 April, 2015 “Hover” took part in a concert dedicated to the Centennial of the Genocide held at the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarian.

In early May “Hover” started its trip to the United States.
On 7 May, 2015 the choir participated in the ecumenical ceremony dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial held at Washington National Cathedral. The president of the Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, Aram I, members of several christian confessions, ministers and other high-ranking officials were present.

On 8 May, 2015 a concert dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide was held at the “Strathmore Hall” of Washington D.C. with the participation of “Hover”, the Armenian national philharmonic orchestra and a number of prominent musician-performers. The choir presented pieces by Komitas as well as fragments from the “Requiem” by T. Mansourian. The concert ended by combined performance of the song “Cilicia” (conductor – E. Topchjan).

On 9 May, 2015 Karekin II served a Holy Liturgy in commemoration of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide at the “Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception”. The Divine Liturgy by M. Yekmalian-Kh.Meykhanejian was performed by “Hover” choir as well as by the Armenian church choirs from various states of America.

On 10 May, 2015 a Divine Liturgy was served at the “St. Mary” church in Washintgon. The Liturgy by M. Yekmalian was performed by the members of “Hover” and Kh. Meykhanejian’s choirs (conductor - Kh.Meykhanejian).

On 26 May, 2015 “Hover” choir took part in the concert commemorating the victims of the Genocide organized on the initiative of a world famous pianist Evgeny Kissin within the series of international concerts “With you, Armenia”. The concert was held on the Isaac Stern stage of the prestigious Carnegie Hall, New-York (USA). The evening was remarkable by premiere performance of the “3-rd Psalm”, a piece by Krzysztof Penderecki composed especially for the event of the Armenian Genocide Centennial. The composer granted the exclusive right of the first performance to “Hover” choir.

On 27 May, 2015 “Hover septet” took part in the opening ceremony of the “Book Expo America” international exhibition in New York (USA).

The choir’s progress was covered in the Armenian and international press:

The chief music critic for “The New York Times” daily newspaper Anthony Tommasini wrote about “Hover’s performance, “ …the impressive Hover State Chamber Choir, founded by Sona Hovhannisyan, who conducted the impressive 25-voice ensemble appeared in the rewarding first half of the program. Folk songs arranged by Komitas …were full of wistful lyrical turns and melting harmonies supported by earthy, steady bass drones. Some were fleet and jaunty with shouted rhythmic accents, though tinged with sadness.”
Rorianne Schrade wrote, “The wide-ranging “Waterfall Music” by Vache Sharafyan sounded fluent and impressive, the imaginative “Three Portraits of Women” (The Rainbow) by Tigran Mansurian and a fanciful piece “The Little Prince and the Fox” by Anna Azizyan were performed among contemporary Armenian works. Internationally renowned Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s “Psalm III” dedicated to the Armenian Genocide was presented in a World Premiere. It was a moving performance. His “Psalm III” is a stirring work, full of faith but also of anger…The Hover Chamber Choir performed it with tremendous expressiveness. The concert certainly opened some musical doors.”

On 6 June, 2015 “Hover” had a solo recital at the protestant church “Eglise Unie de Cannes” within the framework of “MIDEM” international music festival held in Cannes (France). The concert program included pieces by Armenian classical and contemporary as well as Western-European composers. Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki was present in person.
The same day “Hover septet” appeared at the closing ceremony of the day. The president of the Republic of Armenia, ministers, Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki, Maestro Charles Aznavour and other honorable guests were present.

On 14 July, 2015 “Hover” choir recorded the Armenian national anthem at the public radio studio (arrangement by V. Babloyan and A. Manukyan).

On 12 July, 2015 “Hover” participated in the opening ceremony of the “Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival” accompanying the first live-action silent movie.

On 8 August, 2015 “Hover” appeared in the open-air concert together with the Armenian national philharmonic orchestra and the national chamber choir at the “Beiteddine Art Festival” (Lebanon). Mozart’s “Requiem” was performed. A famous violonist Sergey Khachatrian was also participating in the concert program. (conductor – E.Topchjan).

26 August, 2015 was remarkable by premiere performance of the “Eternal Life” a cantata for choir and piano quintet by Vache Sharafian. The concert took place within the framework of “The International Music Festival of Sion Valais” (Switzerland). The piece was composed on demand of the festival and was dedicated to the Centennial of the Genocide.

On 14-20 September, 2015 the choir appeared with two concerts at “Emilia-Romagna” festival at the philharmonic hall of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and at the “San Giacomo” church of Forli (Italy) as well as at the “Südtirol” festival at the famous “Santa Maria Assunta” church in the region Lana di Sotto of Merano (Italy).

On 28 September, 2015 “Hover” participated at a gala concert held at Aram Khachaturian concert hall on the occasion of the Chrism Blessing ceremony. M. Ekmalian’s “Lord’s prayer” and Y. Yerkanyan’s “Hymn to the Saint Martyrs” arranged for choir and orchestra were performed.

On 1 October, 2015 “Hover” performed Vache Sharafian’s “Eternal Life” cantata for the first time in Yerevan within the framework of “The 9th international music festival” (conductor – E. Topchjan)

On 3 October, 2015 “Hover” took part in the ceremony of celebration of the German Unity Day held at the German Embassy of Armenia.

On 4 October, 2015 “Hover”choir appeared in Komitas festival with a concert at the national center of chamber music.

On 7 October, 2015 “Hover” had a solo recital at “Goy” experimental theater.

On 9 October, 2015 the choir appeared at the opening ceremony of the jeweller-designer Nur’s personal exhibition.

On 10 October, 2015 “Hover” appeared at the “Florence” restaurant welcoming maestro Charles Aznavour during an official dinner. The president of the Republic of Armeinia, The Catholicos of All Armenians and other honorable guests were present.

On 16 October, 2015 the “VivaCell-MTS” company celebrated the 10th anniversary of its activity in Armenia. The choir was happy to dedicate one of its most important solo recitals to this event.

On 29 October, 2015 “Hover” took part in the concert in memory of Honored Artist of RA, choirmaster, teacher Emma Tsatourian on her 95th anniversary. The concert was held at the hall of the Armenian choir society.

On 30 October, 2015 “Hover” had a solo recital at the city of Goris.

On 7-11 November, 2015 “Hover septet” appeared at the yearly sacred music festival “Les Sacrees Journees” in Strasburg (France). Concerts were held at the “Grande Sinagogue- Salle Noa’h a Strasbourg”, “Chapelle Notre Dame à Ostwald” as well as “Cathedrale de Strasbourg”.

On 26 November, 2015 “Hover” appeared at “Mezzo” club in a joint concert with “Michael Voskanyan and Friends” ethno-jazz group.

On 2 December, 2015, “Hover septet” and “Hover” choir took part in the “Aram Khachaturian Festival”. The concert was held in Komitas museum-institute.

On 3 December, 2015, “Hover” had a solo recital within the series of yearly concerts organized by the “Center of Armenian Sacred Music”.

On 11 December, 2015 “Hover” had a short appearance at the opening ceremony of a personal exhibition of an Armenian painter, Gagik Chitchyan, held at the museum of contemporary art.

On 17 December, 2015 “Hover” appeared in a concert with the Armenian chamber choir and orchestra to perform Tigran Mansourian’s “Requiem” at the national center of chamber music. (conductor – R. Mlkeyan)

On 20 December, 2015 “Hover septet” recorded a soundtrack for a theatrical performance “Pepo” to be played at the Sundukyan state academic theater. (music by V. Sharafian)

On 24 December, 2015 “Hover” appeared at the Christmas festive concert together with the Armenian national philharmonic orchestra. (conductor- E. Topchjan).

The year 2016 began with a concert tour to Germany. In the frame of the “RheinVokal” festival “Hover” choir had two concerts under a motto “Thank You, Germany”. The concerts were dedicated to the acknoledgement of the Armenian Genocide by the German Bundestag.

During recent years both the Armenian and the Western-European press has followed the “Hover” choir activity. In 2016 a Moscow influential monthly, “Music Academy”, published a large article dedicated to “Hover” chamber choir. (author – S. Sargsyan).

On May 31st , 2016 the choir presented premiers of nine large scale pieces by young Armenian composers under age 35.

From September 7th to 12th the artistic director and conductor of the “Hover” choir Sona Hovhannissyan together with the soloist Liparit Avetisyan went to Leipzig to cooperate with one of the best European choirs, the National Leipzig Radio Chamber Choir. Armenian sacred pieces were performed along with the Greek and Byzantine sacred music. High rank authorities as well as the Ambassador of Turkey were present.

In 2016 the artistic director of the choir Sona Hovhannissyan was awarded a medal of the Prime minister of RA as well as the academic degree of a Professor at the Yerevan State Conservatoire after Komitas.

On September 16th, 2016 the choir had a performance at the academy of Byurakan.

On September 21st, 2016 the choir participated in the event of the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Armenia and on September 26th it took part in the “Komitas” festival.

On October 14th, 2016 a German music concert conducted by one of the leading German conductors Florian Helgath took place. He arrived to Yerevan especially to cooperate with “Hover” chamber choir. Florian Helgath also gave a master class at the Yerevan State Conservatoire after Komitas.

On November 1st, 2016 the choir appeared together with the string quartet of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire at the anniversary concert of Alexander Mnatsakanyan.

On November 19th, 2016 soloists of the choir went to give a concert in Goris.

On December 11th , 2016 the choir appeared with a new choral project together with “Vahagn Hayrapetyan Trio”. Non-traditional arrangements of folk songs of Aparan were presented. In future the choir is planning to appear with this program in border regions of Armenia as well as abroad.

The Sundukian State Academic Theater reopened after renovation with a new staging of “Pepo”. Hover choir worked on the musical arrangement of the performance. (misic - by V. Sharafian).

In January of 2017 “Hover” choir recorded music for a new project called “Nightology” in cooperation with ethno-jazz band “Michael Voskanyan and friends”.

In January of 2017 Hover took part in a concert dedicated to the National army
Day. (composer – R. Amirkhanyan).

In February of 2017 Hover appeared with a concert in Vanadzor together with “Vahagn Hayrapetyan Trio”.

Late in February, 2017 Hover appeared with a concert in Aram Khachaturyan concert hall together with “Vahagn Hayrapetyan Trio”.

In March of 2017 “Hover” appeared with a concert in the “Alice Tully Hall” of the Lincoln center, New York, USA together with “Vahagn Hayrapetyan Trio”, Armen Hyusnunts and Vardan Ovsepian. The concert was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian diplomatic mission in OSCE.

On the 25th of March, 2017 the choir was awarded a prize in the category “The best project of the year” during the annual ceremony “Tsitsernak”.

In April of 2017 a concert commemorating the heroes of the Arpil war took place at the Aram Khachaturian concert hall with the participation of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia as well as the chamber choirs of Armenia and Yerevan.

In April of 2017 “Hover” appeared with two regional concerts in the town of Berd, Shamshadin and in the city of Dilijan.

Early in May of 2017 “Hover” took part in the annual “Easter” festival organized by V. Gergiev in Moscow, Russia.

In May of 2017 “Hover” appeared with a concert dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Union of composers in Byurakan.

Late in May of 2017 “Hover” choir participated in the annual international humanitarian award “Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity” ceremony.

In June of 2017 Hover choir organized a welcome concert for the famous Russian conductor Vladimir Fedoseev in Byurakan.

In June of 2017 a premiere performance of a patriotic show program “Amen” took place at the Sport and Concert complex after Karen Demirchyan with the participation of “Hover” choir.

From July 29 to 30 Hover Choir first time participated in "Prosvetitel" festival on Valaam island.

In September Hover visited St. Petersburg within Days of Yerevan and made performance with Vahagn Hayrapetyan ensemble at Capella Hall.

On October 24 Hover appeared within Khachaturian International Festival and for this time "Le", a female cast" of the choir, appeared with a special program.

3.10.17, in Marriott Hotel Hover appeared within a concert dedicated to the Day of Germany.

3.10.17, at Komitas Museum Hover appeared with a recital dedicated to the 148th anniversary of Komitas.

5.11.17, at Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex took part in Armenian State Symphony Orchestra's and Kamo Seyranyan's concert.

From November 7 to 9 Hover Choir visited "Logos" Festival in Lodz, Poland. For this time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival, like it was 10 years ago when Hover made appearance to commemorate its 20th anniversary.

From November 15 to 24 Hover two times visited Russia to perform three concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg within Days of Armenia in Russia.

18.11.17, in Byurakan Hover participated in the jubilee celebration dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Medea Abrahamyan and presentation of Sergey Manvelyan's book - "Medea Abrahamyan".

21 & 23.11.17, this time Hover toured Saint Petersburg to give concerts in Hermitage Theater and State Academic Capella Hall.

13.12.17, the choir took part in Levon Harutyunyan's jubilee concert.

19.12.17, Hover organized a New Year's Eve concert.

14.02.18, in Byurakan Academy Hover gave a concert where performed works by Penderecki.

15.02.18, at Chamber Music Hall, Hover took part in a concert dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Penderecki where the composer was present as a guest.

25.03.18, at Chamber Music Hall, gave a concert "Le" - female cast of the choir.

30.03.18, Hover recorded Sharafyan's Requiem.

31.03.18, at Opera Theatre, Hover participated at "Tsitsernak" Award where the choir also had been awarded as a Best classical music group of the Year.

28-30.04.18 the Choir traveled Moscow to take part in Gergiev's "Easter Festival".

7.05.18, together with "Cracow singers", under the baton of Maciej Tworek, Hover gave a concert dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Penderecki. On October 30 all together appeared in Poland performing composer's "Te Deum".

9.05.18, at Shushi Renaissance Square, there was a concert of the All Armenian Orchestra "From Rebirth to Victory". Hover and two another chamber choirs of Artsakh participated in this open-air concert. With the same program they appeared also in Yerevan at Opera Theatre.

28.05.18, at Republic Square, Hover Chamber Choir together with the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, Armenian and Yerevan State Chamber, and Opera Theatres' Academic Choir took part in a big concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Sardarapat.

9&10.06.18,  in Khor Virapa and Yerevan, "Le" - the female cast of Hover, appeared within the framework of Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity.

26.06.18, Hover Choir gave a concert "Choral Shakespeare".

8.07.18, Hover took part in "Golden Apricot" Award.

9.07.18, there was a concert of Hover Choir and "Musikatreize" ensemble.

29.08.18, the Choir appeared in the operas by Puccini ("Il Tabarro") and Leoncavallo ("I, Pagliacci") which had been organised by Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

7-9.09.18, Hover traveled to Chelyabinsk to participate in the South Ural 3rd Spiritual Music Festival.

2.10.18, within the framework of Komitas Festival Hover appeared with the music by Komitas.

4.10.18, in the recording studio of Public Radio of Armenia Hover Choir recorded National Anthem of Armenia and E. Hovhannisyan's "Erebuni Yerevan".

7.10.18, in Harichavank, Komitas' Divine Liturgy was performed in Harichavank within the framework of "Komitas" festival.

11.10.18, in Republic Square, Hover participated in a Francophonie event.

21.10.18, participation in "Erebuni Yerevan" event.

25.10.18, under the baton of Eduard Topchjan Hover State Chamber Choir appeared in the opera "Madama Butterfly" by Puccini organised by Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

28.11.18, participation in "Charity Chronicle" concert in Moscow Art Theatre.

2.12.18, concert with the State Chamber Orchestra under the baton of V. Mardirossian. Bruckner's Requiem was in program.

24.12.18, New Year's Eve Concert with the State Chamber Orchestra under the baton of V. Mardirossian.

Last concert of the year 2018 was at the Conservatory  "... and a not serious concert at the end of the year".

“Hover” continues to present new projects aiming at promotion of contemporary choral art by enriching the palette of the Armenian choral music.